Halloween FAQ

  • What Is Halloween?
    Halloween is the night on which ancient legends said that spirits from the underworld could walk the earth. Today this is an excuse for a spooky party with wonderful and bizarre costumes.

  • When Is Halloween?
    Halloween is the night of October 31st. In the Catholic calendar this is the night before All Saints Day. This day is also known as All Hallows Day hence the name All Hallows Eve which eventually became Halloween.

  • When Did Halloween Start?
    We don't know exactly when Halloween began, people were marking the ancient pagan festival of Samhain many centuries ago and this probably evolved into Halloween. Our modern, commercial Halloween probably began around the middle of the 20th century when costumes, decorations, etc began to be mass produced and available to buy easily in stores.

  • Why Do We Dress Up In Costumes?
    There could be several reasons. Acting out stories is common to many cultures, so dressing up as a witch or ghost would be appropriate for telling scary tales. It's also been suggested that by dressing up as devils and demons people thought they could confuse the real evil spirits. Today's huge variety of costumes - everything from pirates to giant rabbits - would probably be even more confusing!

  • Where Is The Best Place to Spend Halloween?
    Wherever your best friends are. If you're looking for a big celebration then you might want to consider Anoka, Minnesota - the self proclaimed Halloween capital of the world.

  • Why Do We Carve Pumpkins?
    The pumpkin Jack o'Lantern is believed to relate to an old Irish tale of a trickster who upset the Devil and now roams the earth. His grinning face was originally carved into potatoes and turnips - pumpkins began to be used once the custom reached America.